Middle School MEGASTAR Meet


The MEGASTAR Meet is designed to get the best of the best Middle School athletes from Mid Michigan and beyond competing
in the same venue at the end of the season.  Entries are submitted through throughout the season and a
weekly Top Times List will be published containing these updated times and marks.  At the end of the season a
Final Top Times List will be published and the Top 16 Individuals and the Top 8 Relays in each Division(Large & Small)
will qualify to compete in the MEGASTAR Meet.  Those qualifiers and alternates who would compete must then be re-entered
into a new meet which will be published as the Meet Program.  Athletes from the Top Times List who do not get entered into the
new meet WILL NOT participate.

While some of these entries rules and processes seem complicated they are very important to make sure the
meet runs in a fair and smooth manner for all participants.  Please click next and continue to read through
everything that will be required to compete at the 2017 MEGASTAR Meet.  At the end you will have a chance to
submit contact information and let us know you plan on attending.  Only teams who have gone through these Instructions
and filled out the form will be allowed to attend the meet.  The Form must be filled out and entries must be submitted
to the Top Times List no later than Sunday May 14.